San Diego Culinary Style at Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant

San Diego Culinary Style at Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant

At Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant, we enjoy creating unique twists on food and beverage that make this a great place to enjoy happy hour or any other time of the day or night.

We love to elevate our cuisine by mixing bold sweet and savory flavors together on the plate. Jalapenos, cilantro, red sauce and salsa verde sauces, chorizo and other ingredients complement our proteins, our salads and our other food offerings.

Take a look at some of our drink specials at happy hour and browse our menu on our modern website.

We base our cocktail program and menu on inspired Mexican cuisine and traditional concepts including tiki-inspired drinks and agave spirits of various kinds. We also include craft beer on our menu. Take a look and see how we combine authentic cuisine with bold style and a great ambiance.

A Convenient Location

In San Diego’s gaslamp quarter neighborhood, Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant is right in the middle of the action.

Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant is only a few miles from the airport – it’s practically walking distance from neighborhoods like Mission Hills and Hillcrest to the north. It’s just a quick jaunt across to North Island, and a few more miles to La Playa and Point Loma on the coast. Or hustle down the 805 or the 15 and take a right to end up in this cool part of San Diego’s nightlife.

The gaslamp quarter is a lively neighborhood that boasts a lot of options when it comes to entertainment, dining and drinks. Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant holds our own with other local points like Hard Rock Hotel, Cafe 21, the Oceannairw and Café Sevilla. We’re a hip, happening place that brings visitors back again and again to really enjoy the San Diego nights!

At Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant, we also host weekly events, and we accommodate private parties. Take a look on the site to see our live entertainment from mariachi bands to jam sessions.

Enjoy drinks or dinner in comfort in the gaslamp neighborhood at a table or behind our well-stocked bar. We’re one of San Diego’s best-kept secrets and getting a lot more traffic as tourists and residents alike find out about what we offer! Consider making Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant part of your itinerary, whether you’re only flying into town for a few days, or settling down in this popular West Coast city. We have the San Diego spirit! You’ll be glad that you put Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant on your list of top night spots and dining areas in this up and coming neighborhood.


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