Why Enjoy Restaurant Meals Together?

Whether you’ve decided to make a restaurant reservation or stay inside with takeout, there are many benefits to enjoying restaurant meals together with family, friends, or coworkers. You’ll have the ability to try foods and beverages that you may not be able to make in your home kitchen, and you may find a new favorite. […]

What Your After-Work Cocktail Says About You

Are you going out for happy hour with your colleagues? If so, you need to consider the drink you order carefully. Remember, you aren’t in college anymore, so you need to find something that is delicious, but that won’t cause you to get hammered right away. Also, avoid a beer, especially if you don’t eat […]

The Benefits of Going to Happy Hour

Getting a break from the hustle and bustle of adult life is important. Over 55 percent of American adults claim to encounter daily stress. Allowing stress to build up can lead to serious health issues developing. This is why stopping to smell the roses on occasion is vital. One of the best ways to get […]

Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Date Night

Whether you are just getting back into the dating scene or are looking to impress that long-term romantic relationship, it can be a priority for many people to surprise that special someone with a night they are sure to remember. The traditional virtues of dating have begun to subside with the convenience of online matchmaking […]

Careful, Man! There’s a Beverage Here!

If you’ve ever ordered a white Russian at a bar, you may have been at a themed bachelor party or some other kind of event celebrating the now-timeless appeal of the Coen brothers film “The Big Lebowski” – these filmmakers really captured the zeitgeist with zany characters who looked and sounded like real life, especially […]

5 Different Types of Tequila

Have you ever stopped to think about what Tequila is and where it originated? Tequila is made from the distillation of the juice from the blue agave plant. The main two types of Tequila are split into two categories, Pure Tequila, made solely from 100% Blue Agave, and Tequila Mixto that is mixed with sugar […]

A Well Spent Afternoon in San Diego’s Gaslamp District

San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District is known for its world renowned restaurants and popular nightlife venues tucked in among its Victorian architecture.  The charm of this historical part of the city has made it a go to spot  among tourists and locals alike, keeping the area booming with activities and energy. Spending time in the […]

San Diego Culinary Style at Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant

At Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant, we enjoy creating unique twists on food and beverage that make this a great place to enjoy happy hour or any other time of the day or night. We love to elevate our cuisine by mixing bold sweet and savory flavors together on the plate. Jalapenos, cilantro, red sauce […]

Enjoy a Fun Night on the Town at Juan Tequila

When you’re in the mood for high-quality Tequila and some of the best Mexican food in town, visit us at Juan Tequila Bar & Restaurant. Our bartenders and chefs are happy to concoct some of the best food and drinks around, for authentic flavors that you’re sure to enjoy. If you’re seeking realistic south of […]

Fun & Easy Tequila Recipes

Tequila has been around for centuries. The story of its creation has changed and turned into a few good tall tales. One thing we know for sure is its spicy, tasty, and aged just right. Tequila is a fun drink for parties and summer nights. Juan Tequila wants to make sure you are always taken […]