Careful, Man! There’s a Beverage Here!

Careful, Man! There's a Beverage Here!

If you’ve ever ordered a white Russian at a bar, you may have been at a themed bachelor party or some other kind of event celebrating the now-timeless appeal of the Coen brothers film “The Big Lebowski” – these filmmakers really captured the zeitgeist with zany characters who looked and sounded like real life, especially real life as it exists down near La Jolla or Malibu or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley.

When you look at our drink menu, that’s one of the first things that stands out to a lot of our first-time visitors and regulars – our “El Jefe” cocktail, a mix of vodka, licor 43 and house pistachio milk, is our take on some of The Dude’s more eccentric tendencies, a testament to the fun that Lebowski fans have celebrating their shared “heritage” and yelling things like “this aggression will not stand, man!” down the bar. As noted on-menu: “If The Big Lewbowski Was a Foreign Flick and The Dude Had Some Latin Flare, This is What he Would Drink.”

Whether you walk into our bar in a bathrobe, or like Sam Elliott in your cowboy gear, there’s something for everybody here. Our slate of custom cocktails made with top-shelf ingredients are really genuinely interesting to newcomers, and that’s one reason people love to visit!

You can get yourself an “El Jefe” and get situated and obsess over those often-repeated lines from the classic film, pretending you’re in a bowling alley with John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Jeff Bridges, or you can go a different direction.

For example, check out our “No Insurance Needed” house drink that mixes Julian apple cider with Absinthe, a unique liquor that has garnered its share of intrigue and speculation, and also packs one heck of a punch!

Or you can check out our lime and coconut drink, or our “Driftwood” Mexican cocktail with real stuff like stool and cacao and peach bitters, as well as house infused chile mezcal.

There’s more to see on our menu, and it’s all on the website. In addition to the drinks, we have specially crafted tapas and food options that are sure to delight your palates, whether you’re more like The Dude, Walter or Donnie, or even Maude Lebowski or Bunny … We’ve even seen some folks in here looking for lingenberry pancakes!

Basically Juan Tequila Bar and Restaurant is the kind of neighborhood place that you love finding out about. Once you come here, you’re going to want to come again, and bring your friends. It’s not just our friendly ambiance or great menu, either – it’s something else, too. Come on down!


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