A Well Spent Afternoon in San Diego’s Gaslamp District

A Well Spent Afternoon in San Diego’s Gaslamp District

San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District is known for its world renowned restaurants and popular nightlife venues tucked in among its Victorian architecture.  The charm of this historical part of the city has made it a go to spot  among tourists and locals alike, keeping the area booming with activities and energy.

Spending time in the Gaslamp District is like taking a step back into history,  Strolling along the same streets as Wyatt Earp, who in the late 1800’s owned gambling halls in the quarter and lived in the Horton Grand Hotel. This area’s vibe is unique, fusing a little wild west coastal grit with modern upscale flair to create a distinctly original experience.

An afternoon can be easily spent soaking up the atmosphere of the District whether you are a tourist visiting the area, or a local who just loves the charm of the waterfront.  Starting the day with a quick visit to the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis Horton House is a great way to gain insight into the history of the area.  This museum offers rotating exhibits as well as houses the Historical Foundation that promotes programs and events throughout the year. 

As you make your way through the charismatic streets soaking up the historical buildings and architecture, you can treat yourself to a little retail therapy.  Gaslamp District is home to over 80 shops offering apparel, accessories, art, books, music, crafts, and gifts.  With everything from locally made jewelry to tobacco, there is something for everyone in these boutiques. 

When it is time for a refreshing drink and mouth watering meal, Juan Tequila is the place to find them.  In keeping with the areas local culture and historical roots, Juan Tequila offers innovative Mexican Cuisine and tiki inspired cocktails combining ancient and modern techniques designed to provide an exceptional experience.  Sipping on an assortment of old-world tequila while the chef prepares a dish using cross-border ingredients, is sure to be the highlight of the day.

If you decide to head out for some late night entertainment after your amazing day of history, shopping, and dining, Gaslamp is home to some of the worlds best nightlife spots.  And if you are too full to party, strolling to the waterfront on the gas lamp lit streets will provide another glimpse of times gone by.  The Gaslamp District is definitely an area full of charm and history infused with the sophistication of the city’s culture, making it a place to visit over and over again.


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