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Hand Crafted Margaritas

Our Margaritas are ALWAYS ONLY Made WIth Fresh Lime, Agave, and Served On The Rocks... No Worries!

Classic: Blanco Tequila / Fresh Lime / Agave


Caddy: Mi Campo Reposado Tequila / Fresh Lime / Agave / Orange Liqueur Float


Flavored: BloodOrange / Pineapple / PassionFruit / GrapeFruit / Strawberry / Tamarindo


Juan Solo Marg

“RRRRAAAUUUUGGRRRRRRHHHH” No Chewy, It's Not A Disturbance In The Force, It’s Your Favorite Margarita!! 2 Mezcals, Lime, Agave, Rebel Spirit!


Ohhh, That’s A Smokey Paloma

A Classic Style Paloma With Juan or Two Special Twists... Maximo Mezcal, Fresh Lime, 3 Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda.


Fuego de Mi Corazon

Strong With a Hint of Passion and Spice, Careful, You Just Might Fall In Love! Mi Campo Blanco Tequila, Chile Infused Mezcal, Passion Fruit, Lime, Licor 43, R&D Fire Bitters


Juans G n T

When Juan Chooses Not to Drink Tequila, Juan Enjoys a Very Special Gin and Tonic of Course. Hand Crafted GIn, 3 Cents “Agean” Tonic Water


Something Sweet But Not Too Sweet

It’s All About Balance..With Spirits, Flavors, and In Life.. Just Don’t Stand Up Too Fast. After This One, We Can’t Guarantee Anything! Gin, Overproof Rum, Falernum, Lime, Agave, Red Wine Float


You Know The Words

You Put The Lime In The Coconut An Shake Em Bot’ Up...To Relieve The Belly Ache Of Course Rum Haven, Kalani Mayan, Coconut Creme, Fresh Lime


The Devil Wears Silver

Possessed By Its Depth, Or Blinded By Its Beauty, Either Way, This Devil Will Leave You Lusting For Just... Juan... More...! High West Silver Whiskey, Vergnano Blueberry, Lime, Ginger Beer.


Number Juan Negroni

Number Ten In Your Cocktail Program, But Number Juan In Your Heart! This Twist on A Classic Negroni is A Hall of Famer For Sure!! Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Campari, Vermouth.


Holy Water

2 of These and You May Feel A Need To Go To Confessional, But Don’t Worry, This Is a Judgement Free Zone, We Won’t Say Anything! Whiskey, Tequila, Cacao, Vermouth, Thoughts and Prayers!


Shut Your Horchata Mouth

What You Want To Scream When You’re Hungover at Brunch and The Table Next To You Is All... OMG, TAKE A SELFIE, OMG, LIVING OUR BEST LIFE, OMG, BRUNCH WITH BAE, OMG!!! Horchata Infused Tequila, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Frozen Vanilla Crema, Cinnamon.


Patecatls’ Revenge

The Aztec Pulque God Patecatl, Is The Consort of Mayahuel, Goddess of the Agave. They Are the Parents of ​the Centzon Totochtin (Four Hundred Rabbits). The Divine Rabbits, According to Aztec Legend, Were Responsible For Many a Drunken Night, As Was Our Colleague!! This Cocktail Tribute, For a Fallen Friend, Is An Interpretation Of A @CervinItUp Original, As It Should Be. Chile Pepper Infused Mezcal, Ginger Mole Syrup, Lime, Tamarindo.


$200 Margarita

Oh..You’re REALLY Looking At This?? ...Ahem, Yeah..Uh.. We’re Gonna Need To Get A Credit Card! Asombroso Vintage 11yr Extra Anejo, Fresh Lime, Agave, Egg White, PF 1492 Cognac.


5 Pork Belly Tacos

Fried Pork Belly / Jalapeño Cream / Cotija cheese / Served with Mini Tortillas



Shredded beef in traditional spiced broth / Mexican hangover cure


Shrimp Mango Ceviche

Lime Cured shrimp / Watermelon Bath / Mango / A hint of Habanero


Pulpo al Fuego

Adobo Marinated Octopus Grilled with Seasoned Potatoes, onions and bell pepprs / Cilantro Scallion Aioli


Camarones Juan Tequila

Tequila Sauce / Homemade Chiles Mexicanos Powder / Tortillas on Side



Fried Pork Skin / Habanero Dipping Sauce / Jalapeno Dipping Cream



Street Corn


Hongos Mexicanos al Mezcal

Mexican Mushrooms Sautéed With Mezcal / Mexican Herbs


Queso Fundido

Melted Monterrey Cheese Casserole with Mushrooms or Chorizo




Includes rice and beans

Your Choice Of:
Carne Asada / Grilled Chicken / Birria / Potato (Vegan) / Carnitas



Add Rice +3 Add Beans + 3

Black Shrimp Taco

House Made Black Corn Mushroom Tortilla (huitlacoche) Black Garlic and Lemon Zest Marinated Shrimp / Sliced avocado / Corn relish.


Grilled Octopus Taco

Hoja Santa spiced and Grilled Octopus / Home Made Flour Tortilla / Avocado Slices / Topped with a Cilantro Scallion Aioli


Catch of the Day Taco

Cajun Style / Flour tortilla / A bed of Iceberg Lettuce / Topped with Avocado Slices / Red Bell Pepper / Mango Salsa


Arrachera Taco

Cheese Crust / Flour tortilla / Avocado Slices / Pico de Gallo



Ensalada Caesar

Romaine / Parmesan Cheese / Croutons House Caesar Dressing

Add Chicken +3 Add Shrimp +5

Mexican Salad

Tomato / Cucumber / Corn / Queso Fresco / Black Beans / Cilantro Jalapeno Vinaigrette Over a bed of Romaine Lettuce

Add Chicken +3 Add Shrimp +5


Carne a la Tampiquena

Arrachera Steak grilled to Perfection / Red Traditional Enchilada Stuffed with Ckicken / Poblano Rajas / Grilled Queso Fresco.


Veracruz Fish

Seasonal Fish in Veracruz Sauce Cooked with Onions, Tomatoes, chopped Chile, Cilantro and Garlic / Flavored with Green Olives, Capers and Mexican oregano.



Enchiladas divorciadas (Green and Red Sauce) Topped with Mexican Cream and Queso fresco. Choose from: Cheese / Chicken / Carnitas / Beef


Pollo en Mole

Chicken breast covered in our homemade poblano mole sauce


Juan Burrito

Your choice of California / Grilled Chicken / Veggies

Fish +3 Shrimp +3



Mini Quesadilla

2 Mini Cheese Quesadillas served with Rice and Beans


Mini Quesadilla

2 Mini Cheese Quesadillas served with Rice and Beans



Special Cheese Sauce from The House / Pico / Jalapeno Pickled Carrot / Cilantro

Add Chicken +3 Add Pork +4 Add Steak +5 Sub French Fries +2


Fresh Cut French Fries / Garlic Aioli


Kids Taco Combo

2 Plain Chicken or Carne Asada Tacos served with Rice & Beans




We can create a non alcoholic cocktail with natural Juices.


Sparkling and still water

Topo chico


Coffee or Sodas

Fresf Brewed Coffee / Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite, Tonic / Cranberry Juice / Iced Tea / Lemon Juice / Ginger Ale





Pastal Tres Leches


Ice cream